Thank you for joining me as I embark on a journey to write my food blog. There is so much that I wish to share with you. I’m excited. It’s a great time to start a food blog, I feel, because winter is the time when fruits and vegetables are at their freshest and available in abundance too.  Other times we must bear with cold storage foods.

This blog as it says in the subtitle is, From India With Love. I’m excited about sharing the family recipes, my mom’s and my masi’s (mom’s sister) with all of you. My masi who is no more was a great inspiration.  I got bitten by the baking bug because of her. My mom is my biggest critic. I adore her cooking. Dad is always willing to be my in-house food taster.

There is a great pleasure in cooking, especially new dishes, and especially still for family and friends. Food shared, with a loved one, a cake when an elder is sick, or when it’s a little boy or girl’s birthday, or with a neighbour, is extremely gratifying.

From time to time I will also share recipes by well known chefs from around the world. I will share tips on cooking, stories about food, fun and friendships, and I hope you will enjoy this journey as much as I am sure I will too.





2 thoughts on “The joys and pleasures of a food lover

  1. Hi Meenal…I am so happy to be introduced to this new facet of you… being a huge (pun intended) foodie myself, I know I am going to enjoy your blog. Here’s wishing you great success…


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