This is the Jamun season. Jamuns are sweet and sour but delicious still. They’re also very good for diabetes.

We are three sisters. My youngest sister who is eleven years younger than me wasn’t even born when we went about our daily adventures, climbing jamun trees in the neighbour’s garden to pluck juicy, plump jamuns.  We didn’t give a fig even when we were bitten by big black bully ants who were after the same mouthwatering feast that we were. My youngest sister did miss all the fun though!

These days this fruit is so expensive that you can buy only a few at a time and enjoy the fruit occasionally.

So here I am with the recipe of jamun raita inspired by a recipe from Tarla Dalal. It’s cooling, tasty and healthy. The raita can be eaten with hot ghee chapatis, parathas, with pulao, or even as a dish all by itself.

Jamun Raita

Serves 4-6


1 cup jamuns chopped into small pieces

2 cups curd

1 teaspoon cumin powder

1 tablespoon finely cut fresh coriander

Chilli powder to taste

Salt to taste


1 Beat the curd and add a little water if the curd is too thick.

2 Add all the ingredients into the curd and gently mix.

Serve cold.




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