The book Lassis of India is a celebration of curd and lassi, peculiar to the Indian subcontinent and a few other countries.

The author Radha Bhatia has written a warm, easy to read book that has delicious recipes of Lassis from all over India and even some from other parts of the world. Some are true blue lassis from different states and others as the book says are ‘smoothies with a twist’. Since, abroad, they don’t have the lassi or chaas concept, what they do have are smoothies made with curd or yoghurt, and the author has come up with some interesting smoothies. The book’s forward is by Vir Sanghvi.

While the book could have been edited better-there are writing errors, I loved the full sized photographs in the book and I delighted in the warm, bright colour palette used through out the book, not to mention the font style which is playful. Well, so mostly, the book is lovely if you’d overlook the writing errors.

I made one of the recipes this Diwali. I gave it my own twist and instead of pedas I added gajak. I also did not add any sugar although the original recipe does add some. Go ahead and add sugar if you want the lassi sweeter.

Indian Sweetmeat Lassi


1 1/8 cups fresh curd

2 medium sized pieces gajak

1 tablespoon fresh cream


1 In a blender, add the curd and gajak and blend till smooth.

2 Add the fresh cream and blend again.

3 Pour the lassi into glasses and serve.

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