Hi all you lovely people in the blogosphere. I live in Ahmedabad, India. Here in Ahmedabad, we have hot weather almost all the year round, and winters are mild. It’s a pleasure to cook during the winter months because vegetables and fruits are in abundance. Yes, I’m vegetarian and I have a sweet tooth too, so lets cook up some scrumptuous vegetarian fare together. You and me!

Besides cooking my favorite thing to do is to make desserts, and read. I love everything about books. New books, old books, the feel of them, their smell. And I treat them like my own kids. Not a scratch or a tear or a dog’s ear or a fold will you find in the pages, I also very rarely lend my books unless I’m absolutely certain they’ll be looked after well.

You’ll notice that my posts don’t follow a pattern. Some are cookbook reviews, some are my own recipes, some recipes from other cookbooks, some recipe posts come with music and some with a peep into an exceptionally good book coupled with a recipe and matching music. I’m so varied in my writing because it stimulates me to combine my favorite things ever so often: food, books and music. And of course, there’s so much to do and ‘miles to go before I sleep’.

The Breaking Bread With series of posts are book reviews of books by my favorite authors, those who I show solidarity with, with recipes either of food mentioned in the books or favorite foods of the authors of the books. Sometimes I embellish my posts with music too.

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